Blood for the Memristor!

A team of Indian engineers, have come up with a way to develop memristors out of human blood. Oh well, another reason to add behind cold-blooded murders.

So, what is a memristor?

A memristor is an electrical component that can be used as a memory storing device. A  memristor is a two-terminal component in which the resistance depends on the integral of the input applied to the terminals.

Instead of resisting at the same level, a memristor resists at a different level each time, depending on the last voltage that was applied to it. The element “remembers” the amount of current that has passed through it in the past, hence the name “memristor.” They can be used in logic circuits and signal processing.


Based on their research published on International Journal of Medical Engineering and Informatics, the scientists claim to have conducted an experimental study on a new technology that could revolutionize data storage. They have pioneered the way for developing electrical circuit components from a combination of both organic and electronic parts.

It’s too early to speculate, but their research can have far reaching consequences in the fields of healthcare science and electronic storage technology. And who knows, it might lead to first generation of human cyborgs.

I for one, welcome our electro-human overlords.

[Human blood liquid memristor]


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