EaThermin – Produce musical masterpiece while having a bite

A research group at Ochanomizu University in Japan has invented a fork that cries out songs of agony while you are gnawing at it. No, seriously they have. Now, now, hold your horses – you people from PETS (People for Ethical Treatment of Spoons)! Look at the bright side, we can channel this negative energy into producing something wonderful; a musical masterpiece perhaps?

Enough speculation, let’s watch the maestro (i.e. the fork) in action:

This is what the researchers have to say for themselves:

“The sound produced varies, depending on the resistance. When you bite the food on the end of the fork, electricity passes through your body, forming an equivalent circuit. The resistance value depends on the food, and the sound produced depends on the resistance.”

“Electricity passes through your whole body, so no matter where you touch this to your body, you will get a sound. But because the inside of your mouth is the wettest part, you get a really good sound there.”

And why was this atrocity committed upon the poor old fork?

“Our aim is that, because this creates a good rhythm, people will want to eat more, or try eating foods they didn’t really like before. We think it would be great if children have fun with this.”

Noble intentions – after all end justifies the means. I am just going to overlook the fact that eating more might lead to obesity and other health problems. And of course there is the overlooked aspect, creation of musical masterpiece.

I can’t wait for the world to experience my chef-d’oeuvre*. Move aside, Mozart, there’s a new sheriff in town.


*chef-d’oeuvre = masterpiece.

And for the humorously challenged, there’s no such thing as PETS. I totally  made that up.

[EaThermin – Musical Utensils]


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