10 insights on India


“India” is mostly associated with positive sentiments in twitter

I collected tweets about “India” and found out the most frequent words.


I also modeled couple of topics from the tweets.

Topic 1 Topic 2 Topic 3 Topic 4 Topic 5 Topic 6 Topic 7 Topic 8
first apple banks now stop water state indian
will making jaitley know whining karnataka will people
get iphones ndtv well cauvery pakistan together army
woman explore top lol river timesofindia best injured
anjum today indias education airport china better one
see iphone new joyofflying swamy cauvery kashmir convoy
want foxconn gst think kolkata rio working jobs
mumbai asks tsunami free security paralympics even jawans
startup call modi jetairways attack indias can indias
soon need arun win today tamil make man

Then, I performed sentiment analysis on words used in the tweet based on NRC lexicon.


It appears, most of the words used in tweets are positive.


India has been one of the top 5 electricity producers (annual) in the world since 2003.



Conversely, India also makes the top five list in amount of Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year.



But surprisingly, India has a very low Electricity Consumption per Capita, 152. which is less than half of the global average of 385.


India has made major strides in female education over the years. However, as the level of education increases, the gender parity index decreases. In other words, the percentage of women pursuing higher education is still low compared to their male counterparts.



India has significantly more domestic tourists than international ones.



India used to receive most of its international tourists from its neighboring country, Bangladesh. However, India is receiving more tourists from USA and UK in recent years.



As an aggregate, most of the tourists come from Western Europe.



Indians prefer Uber over Ola Cab

Ola started operating on India since 3 Decebmer, 2010. Uber encroached upon Indian territories on August 29, 2013. I wanted to know which ridesharing company is more popular among Indian citizens. To answer my question, I first turned to Google and then to Twitter.


Comparing the trends in Google shows that, in the beginning people were more curious over Ola Cabs. But as time passed, interest in Uber began to rise and interest in Ola Cabs began to fall. I collected roughly four thousand tweets on both Uber and Ola Cabs and performed sentiment analysis on each tweet based on Bing lexicon.


It turned out that Ola Cabs has more negative tweets than positive ones.


Indian Rupee is undervalued against USD

I would end my list with something amusing: the Big Mac Index. This index is based on the concept of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). According to PPP, the prices of any similar goods or services in different countries will tend to equalize in the long run.


In 2016, price of a Big Mac in USA is 5.04 dollars. Whereas, in India, the Big Mac is priced 162 Rupees (2.41 USD). So according to burgernomics, Indian Rupee (INR) is undervalued against USD by 52.2 %. Adjusting for GDP differences in these two countries, this value comes to 14.2 %.